Hi, I'm Jah Ying.

    I'm figuring out how to design organizations and ecosystems to do the most good.


    In past lives, I've built and sold a sponsorship marketplace, launched climate change campaigns, incubated social enterprises, helped raise a venture philanthropy fund, and conducted basic research in policy and philosophy.


    Currently, I'm focussed on helping social purpose organizations develop evidence-based strategy.

    You'll typically find me conducting user interviews, market research or facilitating conversations around strategy design.

  • Previously, I worked in three main areas:

    Communicating Good Ideas

    From storytelling to user research to event facilitation, I'm working with impact-driven founders to consolidate, articulate and share important ideas.

    Bridging Talent Gaps

    How might we connect people with opportunities to do their most impactful work? I build prototypes and work with HR entrepreneurs to find out.

    Designing Life Systems

    Helping people (like me!) stay sane by designing sustainable systems for everyday life. I like to iterate on routines, review processes and resource stacks.

  • Communicating Good Ideas

    I help impact-driven founders communicate with their key stakeholders.

    I work with all sorts of media, from pitches to landing pages to workshops and events.

    Kevin Chan

    Preventing forest fires and natural disasters by helping land owners collect and visualize data across their properties.

    Sonali Abdalli


    The first multi-purpose creative space in Albania, combining spaces for living, co-working, exhibits and live performances.

    Hubert Thieriot

    Mitigating risks of natural and climate disasters by making timely scientific data accessible to all.

    Keith Rumjahn

    Leveraging AI, human behaviour and game mechanics to make people healthier.

    Growth Team

    Building a community of founders committed to donating a percentage of personal proceeds upon exit to charity.

    Cohort 3

    The first venture-backed accelerator in Hong Kong. Supporting startups as lead mentor and Entrepreneur in Residence.

  • Bridging Talent Gaps

    I've always been fascinated about the best ways to nurture talent and connect them with the right opportunities. I prototype concepts and work with companies to build solutions across the talent lifecycle: education, recruitment, career planning to training.

    Social impact expert network

    Helping social purpose organizations scale their impact by matching them with experts who can solve their organizational bottlenecks.

    Millennial recruitment

    Vanna connects millennial talent and top companies by providing expert career advice and unique insights into the culture, values and environment of companies.

    Technical recruitment

    Terminal 1 is a full-service recruitment firm bringing machine learning to recruitment. With a team of programmers, data scientists, and product developers, Terminal 1 connects technical talents with the fast growing startups and strongest engineering cultures in Hong Kong.

  • Designing Life Systems

    Figuring out how to live an impactful, sane and sustainable life. I write about my experiments, ideas and operating systems for the many facets of everyday life.


  • Sharing the Ideas

    I shared my thoughts to a wide range of audiences, from students, investors and corporate executives to NGO leaders, entrepreneurs and government officials.

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